Smart Markdown plugin for Microsoft Word

  • Open and edit your Markdown files in Microsoft Word.
  • Convert your DOCX documents to Markdown.
  • Turn your Markdown files into DOCX.
  • Handle math formulas and equations seamlessly.

Made For Microsoft Word Users

Who would like to work with Markdown files
Easy to Start

All Markdown syntax in a single Microsoft Word ribbon.

You don’t have to know what document styles are supported in Markdown.

Word ↔ Markdown

Writage provides a smooth way to convert your DOCX documents to Markdown and vice versa.

Moreover you can create, open and edit Markdown documents like any other Microsoft Office document.


Utilise CommonMark, widely used and very well documented Markdown syntax.

It is adopted by: Discourse, GitHub, GitLab, Reddit, Stack Overflow and many more.

Extended syntax

Writage expands a standard Markdown syntax, providing support for tables (using GitHub Flavored Markdown syntax).

Also it supports footnotes, which are common in scientific documents.

How Does It Work

You're only a few simple steps away

Download the latest version of Writage on your computer from the Download section on our website.


Double-click on the file «Writage.msi» and follow the instructions. Please, note that you should have «Administrator» rights on your computer.


Launch Microsoft Word and start writing in a new format.

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Writage makes it super easy to start writing files in Markdown format, using the familiar interface of Microsoft Word, with zero knowledge of Markdown required.

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