The main idea of Writage is to provide the opportunity to write in Markdown to those who like to use Microsoft Word.
The installation process is very straightforward and takes just a few simple steps. You will be ready to start writing in minutes.
How to use
Writage turns Word into a Markdown WYSIWYG editor, so you will be able to open a Markdown file and edit it, like you normally edit any document in Microsoft Word.
Supported syntax
We have chosen the widely used and very well documented CommonMark Markdown syntax + are providing support for tables and footnotes.
Here you can find useful resources about Markdown, CommonMark, GitHub Flavoured Markdown, etc.
In this section there is a collection of frequently encountered questions.

Get Started in No Time

Writage makes it super easy to start writing files in Markdown format, using the familiar interface of Microsoft Word, with zero knowledge of Markdown required.