All Markdown syntax in one panel

We collected all Markdown elements in a single tab to make it easier for you to start writing MD documents in Microsoft Word. You don’t have to remember what document styles are supported in Markdown.

Writage tab on Microsoft Word ribbon

Open Markdown files in Microsoft Word

Simply open your Markdown files using Microsoft Word, like any other document.

Use the interface of Microsoft Word to work with Markdown documents and keep collaboration with your team simple, even if some of you prefer to use different instruments for writing.

"Open" dialog in MS Word: choose a file type

Convert Microsoft Word documents to Markdown

Just write well-structured documents as you usually do in Microsoft Word and save them as Markdown for further use or for sharing with your colleagues.

"Save as" dialog in MS Word

Copy/Paste raw Markdown code

If you need to paste some text from Markdown syntax into a Microsoft Word document, it can be easily done with Writage. The text will be displayed as it was defined in source syntax.

In case you need to copy selected text from Microsoft Word into a Markdown document use "Copy Markdown" button. The text will be inserted in CommonMark syntax.

"Copy Markdown"/"Paste Markdown" buttons

Easy conversion of Markdown files to PDF

If you need to convert your Markdown files to PDF format, use Writage to open them in Microsoft Word and simply export them as PDF files.

From Markdown to PDF

CommonMark syntax

Writage utilises CommonMark, a widely used and very well documented Markdown syntax.

It is adopted by: Discourse, GitHub, GitLab, Reddit, Stack Overflow and many more.

CommonMark syntax examples

Extended syntax

Writage expands the standard Markdown syntax, providing support for tables (using GitHub Flavored Markdown syntax).

Also it supports footnotes, which are common in scientific documents.

Tables support

Custom document styles

Writage provides the possibility to change default styles when opening a Markdown document in Microsoft Word to comply with your requirements.

All you need to do is to create a new custom styles set with all the necessary changes in styles.

Styles sets

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